Discover Toy Color and Kreable products!

Toy Color includes colors for children suitable for school and leisure activities. Kids line is designed for younger children between two and five years old and includes finger paints, maxi watercolors, wax crayons, Jumbo coloring pencils and fiber-pens, plasticine and CE certified glues and suitable for children from 2 years. Primary line is aimed at children and teenagers and responds to the needs of back to school with watercolors, ready tempera, extra-fine tempera, Junior coloring pencils and fiber-pens, glues and accessories in standard and special colors as fluorescent, pearly, metallic, glitter and pastel colors.

Kreable is the brand designed for hobbyists and art lovers and includes modeling dough, glossy and matt acrylic paint, fabric paint, textile fiber-pens and extra strong vinyl glues.

And for creative gift ideas? No problem, we’ll take care of it! The new range Gift sets includes all the sets composed of products that can be used together, exploring different techniques, such as “Modeling and paint kit“, signed Kreable, that contains modeling dough, matt acrylic paint and glossy varnish to create something special and unique.

What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in Toy Color and Kreable worlds and free your creativity!

What makes us different?

Our production is characterized by a very high quality, selected and controlled raw materials, environmental protection, continuous commitment to research and development and safety.

titanium free

On 1° October 2021 a new EU directive on the content of titanium dioxide came into force: thanks to a long, attentive research, Pasuto can boast about 90% of our formulas as titanium-free.

dermatologically tested

A couple of our products wich imply contact with hands have successfully passed the patch test. Super safety!

super whashable

Superwashable means: less detergent, less wasted energy, less pollution! Discover here the washable instructions!

School Specialist logo identifies Toy Color products realized for school world.

NO formaldeide

The pigment we use for our fluerescent colours do not contain formaldehyde, contrarily to similar products on the market.

Made in Italy

All of our products, except our crayons and plasticine, are made at our premises near Venice.


The CE marking has the literal meaning of European Conformity, it is the graphic demonstration that the product to which it is applied complies with the regulations in force within the European Community and that govern the production and marketing of that product.

gluten free

All Toy Color and Kreable products are gluten free, for parents and teachers’higher serenity.