Pot white dough and neon tempera – 0646

Toy Color has thought of small and large sculptors with Creative Set with modeling dough and neon tempera. How many things can you make with modeling dough? Endless, like characters of a cheerful farm, a solar system, your favorite heroes and more galloping imagination.

The advantages of playing and creating with modeling paste for children? They are remarkable. Manipulating relaxes, stimulates creativity, trains fine dexterity and promotes socialization within the group. Use moldable dough is not only recommended for younger children, but is also suitable for adults.

In addition, it can be a perfect opportunity to spend afternoons and evenings with children. Creative ideas are numerous and it will be impossible to get bored completing the sculptures made with the energy of the fluo tempera.

Creative Set Fluo consists of: 2 pieces of white dermatologically tested dough100 gr, 6 pots of superwashable neon tempera and a brush to set one’s creativity free.

Made in Italy. Dermatologically tested. Superwashable. Titanium free. Gluten free. CE.

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