Plastic box of 7 Matt Acrylic tubes 12 ml – 0897

Matt acrylic color of Kreable your touch line, is a water-based product and is ready to use.
The pack of 7 tubes 12 ml acrylic matte was born for those who have a passion for Hobby and art.

Where can I use it?
It adheres to all surfaces such as canvas, wood, glass, plastic, etc. The matt acrylic color is easy to apply and once dry is opaque and very opaque. It resists rubbing but not washing in the dishwasher. It is a product that can be washed with soap and water. To make the best use of matt acrylic paints it is important to have soft brushes in synthetic bristles, spatulas to collect the color before mixing it. As for the brushes to be used, it is better to focus on those with flat and soft bristles and it is recommended to wash them immediately after use.

What do I need to paint with acrylic paints?
As for the supports, with acrylic paints you can paint on cardboard, paper or wood or on cardboard or canvas panels. Adults, teenagers or experienced artists can dedicate themselves to painting on canvas! Acrylic paint allows you to create glazes on multiple supports and work easily to thickness. Acrylics are suitable for all ages; adults and children can in fact, unleash their creativity, carry out this activity by creating works, in educational or recreational contexts. Plastic Pack contains 7 tubes of matt acrylic color and includes a brush with wooden handle.

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Made in Italy. Gluten free. CE.

Kreable by Pasuto

Made in italy by Pasuto Venice

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