Neon finger paint display 32 pots 80 ml – 0506

From today you can paint in Neon colors thanks to the new Tempera fluorescent fingers!

The Four New Colors are available in the convenient counter display that embraces 32 cans of 80 ml of fluorescent finger color (8 pcs x 4 colors): 16 jars are in view while the other 16 are contained in the back of the display as a refill ready for use.

Each jar is equipped with a barcode for the individual sale of the pieces. The digitopittura is a type of drawing with tempera to be practiced with fingers, hands or even feet. It turns out to be a fun activity, extremely creative, especially for children because it is fast to practice, since it does not require special skills or tools and can become a didactic and educational activity. This, in fact, is practiced both in kindergarten and in children’s workshops.

What are its advantages? Multiple: the first consists in bringing children closer to art and drawing, without using pens, brushes and pencils. Children can become passionate about digitopcture, developing an interest in art and drawing and making it a daily pastime. The child can directly touch the color and use it with total immediacy. The soft and creamy texture, ease of use, brilliance and coverage will win the enthusiasm of young artists. In addition, inside the package is available a poster intended for the footprints of their hands: a nice way to create reception in the classroom and make children feel protagonists immediately upon arrival.

Every mom will wonder if the neon finger tempera is a safe product and what happens, if drawing gets dirty. No problem! Toy Color answers the first question with the respect of European regulations, the most rigorous in the world, adding a plus: the certification “2+”. The second question, Toy Color, answers with excellent washability from most fabrics (it is recommended to follow the instructions).The guarantee of an Italian product to support fun and learning.

What are you waiting to try all the Neon Shades?

Dermatologically tested. Formula Titanium free. Superwashable. 2+.

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