Mixbox neon modeling dough 8 pcs 100 gr 4 col. – 0645

Touch, manipulate and shape using neon modeling dough!

Toy Color offers modeling dough in 100 grams of bricks, in 4 exciting fluorescent shades, embraced in a convenient reusable PP container. Inside the box you will also find a nice accessory: the miretta to work more easily the paste to model neon. Dermatologically tested. Also suitable for the creation of small jewelry wow effect.

Modeling dough is soft, light, super bright colors. Children can shape it by giving free rein to their imagination, creating characters, animals and everything they want. An ideal game to develop the psychomotor ability.

Other advantages in creating and manipulating with the paste to shape? The use of this product in school activities increases the level of creativity and enhances a way of thinking that promotes school learning. In fact, the playful-manipulative activity stimulates the planning and organization of ideas, improves the coordination of movements, spatial cognition and automatically gives a playful value to learning. In this way, children can learn by playing.

The product is suitable for children and adults with a passion for art and hobbies. Finally, the use of moldable paste can be an opportunity to create sculptures in the family by spending time with their children.

The mini box contains 9 pieces: 8 blocks of modeling fluo dough in 4 colors (green, pink, yellow, fluorescent orange; two pieces for each color) and a miretta to work it.

Made in Italy. Dermatologically tested. Titanium free. Gluten free. CE.

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Toy Color by Pasuto Srl

Made in italy by Pasuto Venice

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