Combi Medium

Unleash your creativity and turn the ready tempera into the color you want!

To print your CLOTHES

To turn it into ACRYLICS and painting any surface

To get a beautyful PEARLY EFFECT

To surprise with GLITTER

Combi Pearl bottle1000 ml – 0309

Combipearl is a medium which can add gentle pearly reflections to Ready Tempera and other Toy Color products. Proportions are free, depending on the desired effect. It can also be used alone as a beautiful ...

Acryl Combi bottle 1000 ml – 0308

Acrylcombi is a medium which can turn Toy Color tempera into acrylic paint, fit for painting on any surface. Instructions: mix 1 part Acrylcombi to 1 part tempera to get matt acrylic paint; mix 3 ...

Combi Glitter bottle 1000 ml – 0311

Combi Glitter is a medium which can be mixed with any Toy Color product to create great glittery effects. Decide proportions depending on the desired effect. Can be washed from hands and most clothes. ADVANTAGES ...

Combi Textile 1000 ml bottle – 0307

Combitextile is a medium that enables Toy Color tempera to be turned into real textile paint: Instructions: mix 3 parts Combitextile with 1 part tempera. Drying time: 24 h. Once dry, iron the fabric on ...