Kids glue 2+ 1000 ml – 0975

Bottle of 1000 ml of transparent glue. Suitable for the nest. Glue paper and cardboard.

Its washability, safety and transparency make it ideal for small users. 

It’s possible to allow our youngest children to use glue without fear of breathing in harmful substances, or causing a mess of clothes. The “children’s glue” (Kids’ Glue) is so called because it is suitable from 2 years old, as evidenced by the symbol “2+”. It’s safe and washable, and perfect for the easy manual tasks of these ages (paper and cardboard).

At kindergarten children already begin to do the first manual activities. These are activities that often involve the gluing of paper and cardboard, activities rightly simple but fundamental for the development of autonomy and control of movements.

The “children’s glue” (Kids’ Glue) is certified as “2+”, so it is safe even for children of the last year of kindergarten. The green color allows children to check where they have already placed the glue; the latter will then become totally transparent once dry.

Made in Italy. Dermatologically tested. Titanium free formula. Superwashable. 2+.

Toy Color by Pasuto Srl

Made in italy by Pasuto Venice


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