Display neon modeling dough 100 gr 24pcs 4 col. – 0644

New modeling dough in 4 exciting Neon shades (in 100 gr piece), is available, in specialized stores, in a maxi Bowl, where you can fish and buy individually the piece of your favorite colors! Display container contains about 24 pieces of modeling dough (6 pieces for 4 colours). Each piece bears its own EAN code for individual sale.

Modeling dough is air-drying, dermatologically tested and adapts to multiple achievements: children can use it to create sculptures of their favorite characters or can try their hand at creating small jewelry, maybe with adult help.

What are the advantages of using moldable paste for children? Multiple. Playing with modeling dough is pure fun for the little ones while for educators and parents it is much more than just a game. Kids at home can experiment, learn new techniques, develop creativity and imagination, grow healthy because moldable dough for children has many benefits in cognitive development. With moldable dough, children can develop imagination.

In addition, fluorescent shades make sculptures more original and fun! Choose your favorite color and start creating works with Wow effect!

Made in Italy. Dermatologically tested. Titanium free. Gluten free. CE.

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