Kids tempera

  • Goodnight case

Good night case – 0516

Good night case is born with neon tempera and modeling black dough. An object of the desire of the Line Gift Sets dedicated to children to make them dream with …

  • Blister 1 small bottle 25 ml Neon tempera

Glow-in-the-dark Neon tempera 25 ml – 0513

Blister 1 small bottle 25 ml Neon tempera

Superwashable, “glow-in-the-dark” tempera. This fantastic paint captures the light and slowly releases it in the dark. Perfect for decorating …


Extrafine tempera Bus 12 pots 25 ml – 0655

Extra fine tempera colour arrives on board the Toy Color Bus. A nice bus-shaped package of high concentration tempera with 12 pots in different colors of 25 ml.

TOY COLOR extra …

Display ready mix tempera 18×170 ml – 0946

Choose your favorite bottle, press the package upside down and start to unleash creativity with the Tempera Ready!

A wide range of colours are available in the convenient 18×170 ml – …

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