Glues for children

Display CE vinyl glue 12×100 ml – 0762

Display with 12 bottles of 100 ml of CE vinyl glue for children.

Vinyl glue is perfect for children.

It is ideal for gluing on materials such as wood, paper and cardboard. …

  • Vinyl glue for kids 1000 ml

Vinyl glue for kids 1000 ml – 0763

The 1000 ml bottle of vinyl glue for children is a certified and safe product for children.

Children’s vinyl glue can be used to easily glue different materials: it’s ideal for …

  • Vinyl glue for kids 100 ml

Vinyl glue for kids CE 100 ml – 0761

100ml bottle of vinyl glue for kids.

Vinyl glue for kids. Ideal for wood, paper and cardboard. After a few minutes it turns perfectly transparent.

Made …

Kids’ Glue 2+ 100 ml – 0984

Is it possible to allow younger children to use glue without fear of breathing harmful substances and without staining clothes? Yes! With “children’s glue 2+” which is called Kids’ Glue, …

  • colla trasparente 1000 ml

Kids glue 2+ 1000 ml – 0975

Bottle of 1000 ml of transparent glue. Suitable for the nest. Glue paper and cardboard.

Its washability, safety and transparency make it ideal for small users. 

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