Finger paint set 6 pots 80 ml – 0734

Finger paint in 6 pots 80 ml.

Coloring in freedom using your hands with finger paint is pure fun for children. But also a pleasure for parents and teachers because finger tempera is a safe and superwashable product from hands and fabrics. The set with six pots of bright color tempera 80 ml is a mini creative kit for small painters, with soft tempera and pleasant to the touch.

Finger paint is best way for children to access the world of colour expression, as it is not “mediated” by instruments such as brushes. The child can directly touch color and use it with total immediacy. The soft and creamy texture of the product, ease of use, brilliance and coverage will win the enthusiasm of small artists.

In addition, Toy Color adds the guarantee of safety of an Italian product in support of education, to be used for both recreational and educational activities, in the classroom or outdoors.

Is finger paint a safe product? Toy Color answers the first question with the respect of the European norms, notoriously the most rigorous in the world, and with a certification “2+”.

And if child, while using finger paint, gets dirty? The second question Toy Color answers with excellent washability from most fabrics (it is recommended, of course, to follow the instructions). The Toy Color finger tempera is an Italian product to support fun and learning.

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Made in Italy. Dermatologically tested. Formula Titanium free. Superwashable. 2+.

Toy Color by Pasuto Srl

Made in italy by Pasuto Venice

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