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Box of 12 watercolors Ø 30 mm – 0704

Plastic box of 12 watercolors Ø 30 mm with brush

Ideal for hobby and school. The uneven surface of the cakes is due to Pasuto’s original patented manufacturing process, which allows the cakes to dry naturally so that the qualities of their ingredients are not altered.

Thanks to its shape, the lid of the box is designed to be used as a palette to intermix colours.  In fact, its convexities can easily contain both water and paint, so to be actually used as a palette. This allows you to paint with more comfort, not being constrained by the use of additional accessories that reduce the workspace, such as palettes or plates.

Made in Italy. Titanium free formula. Gluten free. CE.

Toy Color by Pasuto Srl

Made in italy by Pasuto Venice