Bottle finger paint 500 ml – 0739

500 ml finger paint bottle with super washable color.

This product is intended for small painters. The texture of tempera is soft and pleasant to the touch. Finger paint is ideal for educational use, in schools, in class or for those working with small groups of children, such as associations.

There are many Colors available: WHITE 01, YELLOW03, ORANGE 05, CARMINE RED 010,BRIGHT GREEN 012, BLU CYAN 018,BURNT SIENA 022, BLACK 024

These are 500 ml bottles of finger color. The bottle in soft transparent PET allows you to perfectly see the color inside and make it escape with ease.

Finger color is the best door for children to access the world of color expressiveness, as it is not “mediated” by tools such as brushes. The child can directly touch the color and use it with total immediacy. The soft and creamy texture, ease of use, brilliance and coverage will win the enthusiasm of young artists. The colors are non-toxic and odorless. Maximum creativity and fun for smaller hands. It has the perfect texture to be laid out with your hands. The effect conquers thanks to the vivacity of the color that remains bright even when it dries.

Where to use finger tempera? It can be applied on various materials such as paper, cardboard, cardboard, glass. It is light resistant and does not fade over time. If you want to propose a different effect you can use pearl finger tempera. Instead, for the decoration of fabrics and garments there is textile tempera.

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Dermatologically tested. Formula Titanium free. Gluten free. Superwashable. 2+. Made in Italy.

Toy Color by Pasuto Srl

Made in italy by Pasuto Venice

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