The paintmakers

Italian guarantee since 1953

Toy Color is a brand of Pasuto Srl, an Italian company located near Venice that produces watercolors, tempera, fiber-pens, glue, modeling clay, acrylic paint, varnish and accessories.


Toy Color worlds

Setting one’s creativity free: any age is the right age! We nurture the specific characeristics of each one so that all human beings can express themselves throughout their development.

Kreable world

Give your unique touch with modeling dough, acrylic paint, varnish and textile paint. If it’s in your mind, it’s Kreable!

What makes our products unique?

Our production is characterized by a very high quality, thanks to selected and controlled raw materials; by the respect for the environment, given by the use of renewable energy; by the continuous engagement to research and development and by safety, a fundamental goal for us.

titanium free icon

On 1st October 2021 a new EU directive on the content of titanium dioxide came into force: thanks to a long, attentive research, Pasuto can boast about 90% of our formulas as titanium-free.

Superwashable icon

Superwashable means: less detergent, less waste of energy, less pollution!

The School Specialist logo appears on Toy Color products that have been designed specifically for use in school classrooms. These superior-quality professional products are the culmination of over 30 years of practical experience.

Dermatologically tested icon

A couple of our products which imply contact with children’s hands have successfully passed the patch test, hence they can boast a “dermatologically tested” logo. Super safety!

The slogan of the year

Creativity is free by definition, it knows how to go outside the box, it knows how to see new solutions.

Creativity sets you free, which is why every child is naturally creative!

We strive to make it more and more so.

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